To educate people on the importance of mental health.

To inspire and improve the performance of the modern-day athlete, adventurer and warrior, through transparency and community.

You and I aren't much different, you aren't alone. I see you. 

The phrase "Stronger For Tomorrow" is here to unite us all.


This humble mindset brings us to realization that the modern-day person has trauma, insecurities & daily obstacles. How we react to these challenges ultimately influence what tomorrow will look like. 

The phrase "STRONGER FOR TOMORROW" has nothing to do with tomorrow and everything to do with today.

It's choosing to have the discipline to make those good decisions and applying the pressure to do better for yourself.

It's meant to push you beyond what your mind and body are capable of. 

From the food you eat, what you watch, to the people you affiliate with.

Genuinely trying your best EVERY DAY.

Without letting these challenges become an excuse for bad decisions. 

Is the best preparation for you becoming STRONGER FOR TOMORROW.





My time in service after 6 years was coming to an end. I was giving up on a dream I had chased for years. I have wanted to go to the coveted Ranger School since I was a teenager in high school back in 2013 watching "Surviving The Cut" on Netflix at 2am in the morning. I remember seeing these guys being pushed to their breaking point and thinking to myself "I can do that". 

(The United States Army Ranger School is a 62-day small unit tactics and leadership course that develops functional skills directly related to units whose mission is to engage the enemy in close combat and direct fire battles. Ranger students conduct about 20 hours of training per day, while consuming two or fewer meals daily totaling about 2,200 with an average of 3.5 hours of sleep a day.)


Running to the coordinates I plotted on my map in the woods at around 3:00AM, I remember looking up at the beautiful Georgia night sky covered in stars. 

I was so proud of myself! All my training had led up to this moment of me running in the dark crying tears of joy because I was so happy that my dream school was finally a reality.

I passed my physical and land navigation tests only to fail a patrol later on and recycle the phase. (I had to wait 2 weeks to try again)

Once classes begun again, I was refocused and ready to go.

During our brief I was pulled from the class and had been told that my 2-year-old daughter back in Germany had just suffered a seizure.

Like any father would, I left Ranger School with the plan to return after the brain scans were done.

After her healthy recovery I was ready to return.

Only to be stunned like the rest of the world whenever COVID-19 hit.

All army schools were shut down. 

With less 4 months on my contract when they re-opened, I was presented with the opportunity to return if I re-enlisted for another 3 years for a 62-day school that I knew I'd pass.

I had nothing to prove to anyone else but myself. 

I weighed my options and after sleepless nights, I declined.

It was time for me to take my talents elsewhere and move onto my dream of becoming a cinematographer with a brand.

But what would I name it?

I spent two months thinking about the perfect name until the vision came to life in 2020 after a dream. I woke up and quickly wrote down the image I had in my head that read the phrase "Stronger For Tomorrow". 

I began laying the framework with the motivation of some of my friends. We were a team of driven leaders who are passionate about helping others reach their highest levels of fitness. We stood out more than any other team in our Battalion, but it wasn't our physical or expert infantry abilities that stood out.

It's our mindset and how we approach each situation.